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Considerations (in order of priority):
(1) Paper. The quality of paper will be most important factor in your selection of a print shop. Without the correct paper, your cards will feel flimsy and be hard to play with. The best option here is "black core" and remember that all "black core" is not the same.
(2) Time. You could send this to China to get printed but in addition to the 4-6 weeks it will take, working with non-english speakers and any other back-and-forth will delay your prints. Work with a US-based printer and expect to have your cards in 1 week or less.
(3) Print Quality. If you have tried printing these before on a desktop printer, the quality will be adequate. If you want something better, we recommend using a commercial inkjet printer. These normally run $100,000 brand new and this will give you the best print quality. Commercial printers can also do the best job in lining up the front and back side of the cards so that the image goes to the edges.
(4) Care. The final step of the printing is cutting the card so that the edges and corners are perfect. Work with a print shop that have the correct cutters so that your edges will look sharp and your corners will come out the correct size.
(5) Cost. Printing should not be too expensive. You should be getting some quantity discounts as a lot of the work is up front and doing the setup. The more cards you order, the cost of printing each card should go down. No matter what happens, a card should not cost more than $3 for a non-foil card and it should not cost more than $5 for foils (there is a lot of work involved in making those). You usually get what you pay for.